European Falabella Studbook - EFS


LIVESTREAM EFS-inspection April 25th from 10.00 am until the end of the inspection



The European Falabella Studbook (or EFS) exists for and by its members.

The EFS-website is still under construction, so check on regular base to stay informed!

The Falabella is the only smallest miniature horse in the world!

It is our goal to breed a healthy little horse who gives you lots of fun.

In addition, the horse can be kept for driving,  for Freedom dressage, as a companion animal and as a therapy horse,

The Falabellaras is characterized by the fact that the Falabella is built like a large horse, with delicate bone structure.

As an association we want a pure-bred horse that is 100 % traceable, thanks to its DNA, to the horses of Establicimientos Fallabella in Argentina.

We are an association of lovers of the Falabella horse.

Our association is characterized by:

  • registration of 100 % pure Falabellahorses only,
  • members can have a say in the future of the Falabella horse,
  • continuity through full management,
  • opportunities to participate in various committees
  • sharing knowledge and skills around the breeding of Fallabellahorses.

To accomplish that we want to organize:

An annual inspection day, with different sections and the possibility to approve your 3-year-old mare or stallion.

Workshops in which various matters are handled, from feeding and care of your Falabella to preparing the horses for inspection.

Provide passports (at the moment passport recognition'is being applied for) we will be recognized to provide passports for the EU.

Taking care of BVI (studbook recognition is currently being requested)

We use this to monitor the purity of the horses.

If you have any questions, you can contact our general mail-address. We try to contact you as soon as possible.


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Mission & Vision

Together we ensure the Falabella horse continues to exist:
- Good cooperation with Argentina
- Research and agreements in the interest of health
- Inspections
Together we defend and improve the status of the Falabella horse :
- Recognition, passports, etc.
Together we experience fun with the Falabella horse
- Inspections
- Events
- Share information
Together we ensure that the Falabella horse gets its well earned place
- Recognition as a studbook
- Strive for the characteristics we all see as important

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